Tenali Rama and the Brinjal Curry


Mantri    Tenali Rama       King

One evening Tenali Rama returned home from the palace looking very happy looking at his Joy then Tenali Rama’s wife. Vasudha asked him.
Wife:Don’t you look very happy today?
rama-iconRama:Mmmh. Why not? Why should I not look happy today?
Wife:Why what has happened?
rama-iconRama:Oh! Vasudha today King Krishnadevaraya had invited all the people of the court to feast upon the curry made from brinjals grown in his garden after heating the brinjal curry. I just can’t get over it.
Wife:It’s just brinjal curry, isn’t it? Even do make that many times.
rama-iconRama:Yes, you too prepare it, that’s fine. But the brinjals from the King’s Garden had a unique taste and so delicious. That taste is still on my lips. Mmmh.
Wife:Then why don’t you bring some brinjals for me? I will make the tasty Curry as well.
rama-iconRama:But that is just not possible.
Wife:Why is that?
rama-iconRama:Because those brinjals grow in the King’s Garden and the King does not allow anyone to go into the garden, nor does he give brinjals from his garden to anyone? How am I to get those brinjals.
Wife:I don’t know all that? All I know is if you decide on something, nothing is impossible for you. Please get me those brinjals, say when our Muli will be able to eat them.
rama-iconRama:It is not a good idea to steal Vasudha.
Wife:I don’t know anything you go right now and bring me those brinjals from the King’s Garden.
rama-iconRama:Okay, okay. I will Get them but speak softly even walls have ears.
Chugalkhor:Tenali Rama stealing; you thief now you will realize how expensive the brinjals will turn out for you.
Wife:Now see the brinjal curry I make; see if it is as good as the Kings Curry.
rama-iconRama:Surely, they will be.
rama-iconRama:Because the brinjals are so special.
Wife:Okay. Okay
Wife:Now you go and wake Murli up
rama-iconRama:No. No, there is no need to wake him up if he’s asleep. Let him sleep.
Wife:Why? I would like him to eat this curry as well. It turned out really good. Where will he get it again?
rama-iconRama:Okay. Okay. I’ll wake him up.
Wife:Uh, what are you doing with the water?
rama-iconRama:You just see.
rama-iconRama:Murli Murli. Come on, wake up. See it has rained a lot on your clothes. Everything is wet. Come on, come on. Come on.
Kid:Bapu. Did it rain a lot? Yes. It has rained a lot. Now come and change your clothes quickly. We still have to have lunch too.
Kid:No, Babu. I don’t want to eat anything.
Wife:Murley, why don’t you want to eat look today’s brinjal with the Curry from the King’s Garden.
kid:Wow, curry made of brinjal from the King’s Garden.
Wife:Yes, Yes Now come quickly.
kid:Wow, the curry is very tasty. Please. Give me more.
rama-iconRama:Give Him
Kid:it’s very nice
Wife:isn’t the curry good?
Wife:Had I not told you?
IconKing:Tenali Rama has stolen brinjals from my garden?
mantri-iconMantri:Yes my Lord. This is a great insult.
IconKing:I shall not forgive him. I have pampered him. I kept calling him smart and witty, go bring him here! I will punish him in such a way he will forget brinjal Curry forever!
rama-iconRama:Um, my Lord? Did you call me?
IconKing:Tenali, what is this I hear?
rama-iconRama:What happened my Lord?
IconKing:Yesterday, you stole the brinjals from my garden.
rama-iconRama:How can one accuse me this way? Why will I steal brinjals, my Lord? Yesterday y had invited us for the feast, remember.
mantri-iconMantri:aah! Now, sister, is Tenali speaking the truth?
Wife:What is this my Lord, how can my husband steal brinjals from your garden? He just loves brinjal Curry. If he breaks any of your rules, will he get that Curry ever again?
IconKing:Mmmh. You are right, but brinjals have been stolen from my garden. That’s true. Then who stole them?
mantri-iconMantri:My Lord? Why are you questioning her about the stolen brinjal? The two of them are hand in a glow. I have already sent Katya to bring their son here. Hmm, once the boy is here. We shall separate the truth from the lies.
Chugalkhor:Come! Come! Fast.
Kid:Leave me!
Chugalkhor:Don’t shout! Come come.
mantri-iconMantri:Murlly. Tell us the truth. What did you eat last night?
kid:Curry made of brinjal from the King’s Garden
mantri-iconMantri:My Lord had I not told you that it’s Tenali Rama who stole the brinjals?
Chugalkhor:Yes, but I was one who told you, remember?. Otherwise, you start snoring even before Sunset Rajprohit ji.
IconKing:Hmm. But when did you eat the brinjal curry?
Kid:When it was raining very heavily at that time.
Kid:Yes, when it was raining heavily.
IconKing:Rain But when had it rained
rama-iconRama:My lord of whatever Muli sees in his dreams at night. He thinks it has actually happened. Maybe last night Muli must have dreamt that it rained and he ate curry made from brinjals of your garden, my Lord. That is what he’s talking about it.
rama-iconRama:Fine, fine. Let him go.
mantri-iconMantri:Bubba Bubba Bubba my Lord what about brinjals?
IconKing:Whoever had them. Let him be he must have stolen them to eat, hahaha.
In this manner, the accusation of robbery against Tenali Rama wasn’t proved the king could do nothing against Tenali Rama’s intelligence and poor Rajprohit ji was left muttering to himself.

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