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The Beautiful Girl And The Fish

The Fish Girl | Kiddle Tales

Once upon a time, there lived on the bank of a stream, a man and a woman who had a daughter called Diana. Diana was their only child and she was as mean as she was naughty.
mother-iconMotherDiana. Please help me wash the plates, dear. The soup is burning.
diana-iconDianaWash these filthy plates? HAHAHA, you are funny, Mother!
Diana would never help her parents and instead dance and play around all day. However, one morning her mother looked so tired that even Diana could not help but ask if there was anything she could do.
mother-iconMotherWould you please take the fishing-net out to the bank of the stream and mend some holes in it. As your father intends to go fishing at the crack of dawn.
diana-iconDianaSure mother,
Diana took the net and worked so hard that soon there was not a hole to be found. She felt quite pleased with herself. Suddenly, she heard a splash and saw a big fish jump into the air. Diana immediately flung the net into the water, and more by luck than skill was successful in catching the fish in her net.
diana-iconDianaAren’t You beautiful!
fish-1-iconFishYou better not harm me, Selfish girl! Do not take me out of the water else I will turn you into a fish!
diana-iconDianaHAHAHA! You Silly fish! HAHAHAHA!
Just then Diana’s mother came out of the house.
mother-iconMotherDiana, are you done with the net? Oh my! That is a beautiful fish!
diana-iconDianaI have caught it myself! And guess what? I can talk too.
diana-iconDianaYes, mother and it says that if I bring it out of the water it will turn me into a fish. HAHAHA. Can you believe it?
mother-iconMotherOh, let go! Perhaps. It is skilled in magic.
diana-iconDianaNo way! I am going to pull it out of the water.
Saying that Diana pulled the net out of the water, and as soon as she did that, the fish transformed into magical sparkles. It floated in the air and said,
fish-1-iconFishI tried to warn you. And now it is too late. Now you will take this form, Become a fish and in the waters, you will roam!
The magical sparkle flew away and all of a sudden, Diana turned into a fish
mother-iconMotherOh, no!! My child!! Diana!!! Noooo!!!
Diana soon felt better in the water and was able to swim to the sea, which was close by. No sooner had she reached the sea, the sight of her sad face attracted the notice of some of the other fishes. And they pressed around her, begging her to tell them her story. And so Diana told them all about what had happened.
diana-iconDianaI am not a fish at all. but a girl. At least I was a girl a few minutes ago.
a-fish-iconA FishWell, if it makes you feel any better, it has happened to all of us. Cheer up and come with us and see our queen! She is the kindest and best Queen of all.
Diana felt a little afraid but as she was still more afraid of being left alone, she followed them. They swam deeper and deeper with the other fish and soon reached the bottom of the sea.
shark-iconSharkHere we are all Last!
Diana saw to her disbelief a beautiful palace.
queen-iconQueenWho are you? And where do you come from?
Diana first hesitated. But the other fish pushed her in front and she narrated everything to the Queen.
queen-iconQueenHmmm!! I was once a girl too! A princess. If you may! Got Married to a handsome king and gave birth to the most handsome prince the world has ever seen. But alas, that was all too long ago. My child must have become a young man now and my husband must be old!
diana-iconDianaBut… What happened. Did you hurt a fish too?
queen-iconQueenOh No, I’d never do that! Hurting animals is wrong. And you should never do that.
Diana hung her head in shame.
queen-iconQueenYou see, the evil witch called Zuba saw my husband when he was addressing his people and fell in love with him, unaware that he was already married to me she went to her brother, the Giant, and told him that she would marry none other but the king. The giant came to the palace. And when he found out that the king is married, I was furious. Finding the opportune time. The next morning he came and snatched the crown from my head, holding me fast he sprang up in the air and landed near the sea.
giant-iconGiantThis crown belongs to my sister as she is in love with the king. I am going to turn you into a fish. So that you may never come back. HAHAHA! Only if you ever get this crow back, which will never happen will you transform for back, into a human? Meanwhile, my sister will get married to the King and become the Queen! Hehehe
diana-iconDianaThen what happened?
queen-iconQueenWhile he was transforming me. a raven flew up to him and whispered something in his ears.
giant-iconGiantSister! Nooo!
queen-iconQueenHey hey…What happened?
crow-iconCrowHis sister found out that the king is married and so ended her life.
queen-iconQueenThe raven flew away and I with my half human and half fish body sat on the rocks crying. And that’s when I met the wise Octopus.
octopus-iconOctopusThe fate of the sea is in your hands, For it has creatures that do not belong. Bound by spells, they swim all day. To the power to turn into a deer, a parrot, and a monkey!. She will bring you back the crown. And end the enchantment of everyone.
queen-iconQueenAnd that’s our story. All of us here are enchanted and only if I get my crown back should we ever be able to go back to the land as our human forms.
diana-iconDianaI will bring it back. Tell me what to do!
queen-iconQueenEm…It is not possible!
diana-iconDianaPlease give me a chance! Please I do not want to be a fish for the rest of my life. I want to go back to my parents. I miss them!
At that very moment, Diana felt a slight irritation just above her mouth and suddenly sneezed.
queen-iconQueenYou are the one! You are the one!!
And suddenly a ray of hope erupted amongst the aquatic beings.
queen-iconQueenHere, take this potion and drink it.
Diana was a little reluctant as she looked around.
queen-iconQueenThere is no danger if you will follow my counsel. Drink it up. and return to Earth and go up to the top of the high mountain where the giant has his castle. But I warn you to be careful for if he sees you he may hurt you. Therefore, the potion is necessary, for it will give you the power to change yourself into a deer, a parrot, and a monkey. You have to nod your head and call out its name.
Diana nodded and drank the potion. She said goodbye to the other fishes and set out to get the crown.
queen-iconQueenAll the best Diana!
Diana reached the shore and nodded her head. Deer come to me! And in a moment she transformed into a beautiful deer with branching horns and slender legs. She smiled and broke into a run, leaping easily over the stones and bushes that stood in her way. Soon she was passing by a dense jungle when she suddenly came upon a man who was sitting under a tree playing his flute. His name was George, and he was the son of the queen. Diana stopped short as she had never seen a man so handsome. Still, George moved the flute from his lips and looked at the deer in amazement. Her eyes were sparkling and hypnotizing, something he had never seen in a deer. It appeared to him as if they were human eyes. Diana slowly moved past him and then broke into a run.
prince-iconGeorgeWait!! That can’t really be a deer? dear. Can’t talk and no Deer has eyes like that. Is she a fairy? An enchanted maiden?
Diana reached the Giant’s castle quite out of breath and nodded her head.
diana-iconDianaMonkey, come to me
And soon she was swinging herself from the topmost branches going from tree to tree. Diana reached the room where the giant was lying and snoring.
diana-iconDianaI better change my form. He will never give the crown to a monkey.
She changed into a pink, a gray parrot and hopped up to the giant. As the giant opened his eyes, Diana said.
diana-iconDianaI am here for the Crown. Give it back, for now, your sister is dead and you have no use of it!
The Giant gets angry
diana-iconDianaCalm down, please. Killing me won’t bring your sister back and most certainly won’t give the Queen her days back. Whom you have turned into a half fish.
Hearing that the giant at once was taken aback. For he had completely forgotten about what he had done to the Queen.
giant-iconGiantMy Goodness! The Queen. Yes, the Queen! Oh, how foolish I am. to have forgotten about her. OH
diana-iconDianaIt is Okay for it is not too late! Give Me the Crown and I will take it to her.
giant-iconGiantOh, you sweet little Pierrot! here take the crown and tell the queen that I am really ashamed of my deed.
Diana took the crown from him and without waiting for a moment longer. away, she flew out of the window. When. Diana reached this sea. She cried for the last time.
diana-iconDianaFish come to me!
And plunging in. she swam along the bottom as far as the palace, where the Queen and all the fishes gathered together awaiting her. It had been a few months that Diana was gone. And now they were skeptical, more than anxious.
fish-2-iconA FishLook, look. There she is.
Diana went right up to the queen, who bent and taking the crown, placed it on her own head. At that very moment, her tail dropped away, revealing a pair of the prettiest feet in the world. The maidens who were grouped around her shed their scales and became girls again.
a-girl-iconA GirlIt is you who have given us back our life.
queen-iconQueenDiana. My dear, you have done a great deed. I cannot thank you enough for putting your life at risk for all of us. Take care of yourself and remember you are not a good human if you are selfish and unkind to other humans and animals around you
diana-iconDianaI have learned my lesson, my queen I will never be unkind and selfish to anyone ever.
And thus they parted ways happily. When Diana reached home, her parents jumped in the air with joy and hugged her tight.
mother-iconMotherOh, little one. I thought I would never see you,
Diana explained to them all that had happened. Her parents were shocked but also delighted that their daughter was finally home. Meanwhile, the Queen had reached the palace and explained everything to the king and the Prince. Prince George was very happy to see his mother. After all these years, but deep down, his mind was only thinking of the enchanted. Dear,
queen-iconQueenWhat is wrong? My son
prince-iconGeorgeAren’t you happy to see your mother? I am happy mother. It is just that. Ah Never mind. For no one will understand.
queen-iconQueenTell me. There is nothing a mother won’t understand of a child.
George told his mother all about the enchanted deer and her mesmerizing eyes to which the queen only laughed.
queen-iconQueenHAHAHA! Oh Diana HAHAHA
prince-iconGeorgeDiana? What are you talking about, mother?
queen-iconQueenMy son. Why don’t you come with me?
Queen takes George to Diana’s home
diana-iconDianaYes. Who is? Oh, My Queen and…
queen-iconQueenAnd..This is my son, George. George. This is Diana. The one who helped all of us. I believe the two of you have met.
George stood there transfixed before her as she was so much more beautiful than anything he had ever dreamed of. He lost all his courage and stood with the bent head before her. Diana smiled and drew near him. The two looked each as time stood still around them, the queen, along with Diana’s parents, just watched them and smiled.

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