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The Magical Pot

The Magical Pot | Kiddle Tales | Short Stories

farmer-iconFarmerWhat’s this? A metal pot? I wonder if there is something more valuable underneath.
In the hope that he could find something more valuable, the farmer dug deeper and wider. Tired after hours of searching, The farmer decided to rest. He left his Spade in the pot and lay down under the tree. A while later when he got up and went back to the pot he was surprised.
farmer-iconFarmerHow is this possible? The pot is full of hundreds of Spades. I had left only one in it! Looks like this is a magical pot. Let me see what will happen if I put a mango in it?
And just as the farmer had thought the one mango turned into hundreds of mangoes when he left it in the pot.
farmer-iconFarmerThis is truly a magical pot. I will take it home and use it to tide over our troubles.
The farmer went home and hit the pot at a safe place. He then went to the market and sold the Mangoes. He earned a handsome sum for them. On the way back, he brought some grains. He went home and put each one of them in the pot one by one. Soon he had enough of grains to last his family for the rest of the year, the farmer called his wife and told her everything that had happened.
farmerwife-iconFarmer’s WifeThis is a blessing. We should use it wisely to become rich but also to keep it safely hidden.
The farmer agreed with his Wife. Over the year he slowly started putting things in the pot. Fruits, vegetables, textiles. And in some years, he turned around his family’s Fortune. Though They had been secretive and very careful about their Magic Pot, people started noticing how did they had become rich. And soon this secret was out. It even reached the King’s ears.
king-iconKingSuch a powerful magical part should be a part of the King’s treasury, The Farmer has no right to keep it. Only I have the right to own that pot.
The King ordered the soldier to bring the pot to the Palace. The soldiers stormed into the farmer’s home and confiscated the pot. They brought it to the king.
king-iconKingLet me see what is inside the pot that makes it so magical. Once I find what it is. I will become a hundred times more powerful.
The king peered over the pot and looked into it. As he did, he lost his balance and fell into the pot. As he fell he hit his head on the edge of the pot and became unconscious. When he woke up. He saw that there were hundreds of Kings like him. They all fought each other to get to the throne and died. Soon the news reached the farmer and his wife.
farmerwife-iconFarmer’s WifeShould we get the pot back now?
farmer-iconFarmerThe King was foolish and his curiosity killed him. but it is not safe to keep the pot anymore. We have enough money and riches to take care of us and our many next generations.
farmerwife-iconFarmer’s WifeShins
farmer-iconFarmerLet us leave the pot within the King’s treasury.

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