The Needle Tree | Kiddle Tales

The Needle Tree

The Needle Tree | Kiddle Tales

Once upon a time, there lived two brothers. The elder one Antonio was always mean to the younger one Joe. He would eat his food. Steal his dessert and beat him. One cold winter day, the older brother went to the forest to gather firewood for the house. When he gathered enough, he decided to go and sell it in the market instead.
big-brother-iconAntonioI’ll sell these and get some money to buy my favorite pudding for myself.
After he had sold the firewood and eaten his pudding, the older brother made his way back through the forest on his way back he hacked up the tree branches carelessly. Even though he had enough for whom he continued hacking for fun. till he reached a golden tree. He was about to cut its branches, too. But the trees spoke to him.
golden-tree-iconGolden TreePlease don’t cut my branches.
big-brother-iconAntonioWhy not?
golden-tree-iconGolden TreeIf you don’t cut my branches, I will give you golden and apples.
big-brother-iconAntonioOkay. Deal. Give me the apples.
The tree gave the older brother some golden apples. But the boy was really disappointed.
big-brother-iconAntonioWhat is this? Just these many apples. Give me more apples or I will. cut to you down entirely.
As he picked up his axe to cut down the tree’s trunk, the tree poured hundreds of needles on the boy. The boy fell down on the floor unable to move crying with pain. Back home, the younger boy waited for his elder brother to come back. As it grew dark, the boy became worried and decided to go in search of him to the jungle. When he found him, he sat down beside him and lovingly and patiently took out each needle from his body.
small-brother-iconJoeDon’t worry, brother. You will be fine soon.
big-brother-iconAntonioThank you, brother. And I am sorry I have troubled you so much. I promise I will always take care of you and never, ever harm you again.
Noticing the true change in the older brother’s, voice and heart, the tree gave the boys enough apples to last them forever.

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