The Old Witch | Kiddle Tales Short Stories For Kids

The Old Witch

The Old Witch | Kiddle Tales Short Stories For Kids

Once upon a time there was a Witch named Blair used to live in a village with her daughter sits up. The people of the village were unaware of this that Blair was a witch.
she went in search of food every day and used to hunt some wild animals to eat one day. She wanted to have some delicious food.
witch-iconWitchI did not eat tender and delicious meat of any child from so many days. Let’s hunt a child today.
She started wandering in the village in search of the food the evening was about to happen, but she did not find any hunt because of the big crowd in the village. She gets very upset.
witch-iconWitchI did not get any food. Ooh, I don’t know what my self and my daughter will eat today.
As she was going back to the home. Suddenly. She saw a child. She quickly went there and put the child in a sack and she went from there after reaching home. She said to her daughter.
daughter-iconWitch’s DaughterOh, wow, Mom. He is. Very tender child-eating him will be great fun.
witch-iconWitchYes from today onwards. We will eat this kind of tasty food only every evening. I will bring tender and cute children from the village like this. Haa Haa Haa
Blair used to go to the Village every evening and kidnapped a child every day gradually the children started to disappear from the village. That’s why all villagers got worried all the people in the village started taking their children back home before the evening, a long time passes by but Blair did not find any hunt.
witch-iconWitchI think all the villagers have Become very conscious for a long time. I have not got anything to eat. Now we have to eat wild animals to fulfill. Our hunger.
Blair was going towards the forest. Suddenly. She saw a child sitting on the tree.
witch-iconWitchOh wow, what a Fatty and healthy Child. I will have him at dinner.
Blair goes towards the tree and very politely ask the child.
witch-iconWitchSon. These mangoes seem to be very delicious. Can you give me some mangoes to eat? I am very hungry for so many days.
The child was very naughty.
kid-iconKidYes. Why not? I will give you plenty of mangoes.
witch-iconWitchReally? Come down and give me some mangoes.
kid-iconKidIf you want to eat mangoes, so come upon the tree and eat as many mangoes as you want.
witch-iconWitchSon, what are you saying? How can I climb up on the tree? I’m very old.
kid-iconKidHuh, It’s okay. Then you go back hungry. I’m not going to give you any mangoes
witch-iconWitchThis child is very naughty catching him is a difficult job.
Blair thinks of an idea. She sits under the tree and starts crying very loudly.
witch-iconWitchI think I will die hungry I don’t have any strength left in my body.
Seeing all this the child gets pity on the witch.
kid-iconKidAuntie. Why are you crying? I will just pluck some mangoes and throw them down. You can collect them and take them home.
witch-iconWitchNo, no, if you will throw them down, so it will become dirty. You do one thing you plant them and bring them down. We both will eat them together.
kid-iconKidAll right, Auntie. I will just bring them down.
As soon as the kid comes down the which puts him in a sack. A man who stays in the village saw all this and starts following the witch. After going to a distance the which feels thirsty
witch-iconWitchI think I should hide this in bushes and drink some water.
The which keeps the sack in the bushes and went away from there to drink water then only the man takes out the kid from the sack and fills the sack with stones leaves and Pebbles after reaching his village. He explains all the villagers about Blair, on the other side, the witch also reaches her home and says to his daughter while handing over the set to her.
witch-iconWitchTake it. I got very tired.
daughter-iconWitch’s DaughterHmm. So today also we have to eat the wild animal meet.
witch-iconWitchYour first open the sack I can bet that you have not tasted this kind of meat ever.
She opens the sack.
daughter-iconWitch’s DaughterOh, what is this? Do we have to eat these stones and leaves today?
witch-iconWitchWhat are you saying? I kept a fatty and healthy kid in this then how these bushes and Stones came in the sack.
daughter-iconWitch’s DaughterAre you sure the child has not run away from the sack?
witch-iconWitchI also think the same when I went to drink water that the child may have run away from there. I will catch and bring him right now.
Blair goes out to catch the child and on the other side, the villagers were waiting for her as soon as she reaches the village. She saw the same child there.
witch-iconWitchHmm, So this child is here today. I will definitely kill him.
As she went to catch the child. She gets trapped in the Trap which the villagers planted to catch her.
witch-iconWitchOh oh no! What are you doing, let me go
Villager:You love to eat children. know today we will eat you
witch-iconWitchDon’t do this to me. I have never eaten any child.
Don’t tell lie. I know you you are a witch who eats children now we will put you on fire and finish your story
The villagers put her on fire while burning Blair shouts.
witch-iconWitchYou have put me on fire, but you don’t know that witch can’t be killed By fire let my daughter come she will not leave you, You all will die. Haa Haa Haa.
villager-iconVillagerAll right, so you have a daughter too. Then she will be definitely come here in search of you.
After a long time. When Blair did not reach home. Then his daughter went out to search her in search of her mom. She went to the Village as she reaches.the village the villagers trapped her too in a trap all the villagers all!! the villagers got very tensed and thought about the way to kill them just then a man named Kaul comes there.
kaul-iconKaulWhat happened why you all are so tensed.
villager-iconVillagerThen the villagers explain everything to the Kaul. Then Kaul takes out the soil from a pot and gives it to all villagers.
kaul-iconKaulAll of you throw this soil on both of them and chained Hanuman Chalisa by which they both will be turned into ashes.
All the villagers chant Hanuman Chalisa and through that soil on them within no time. Both the witches turn into ashes. That’s how the villagers get rid of the witches who eat children and they start living happily.

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