The Other Side Of The Wall | Kiddle Tales

The Other Side Of The Wall | Kiddle Tales

Once upon a time a girl Diana loved gardening. She had many beautiful flowering plants in her garden. She had been raised by her grandmother who taught her to love and care for flowers as she herself had done. One day, she went to the market and met a woman selling seeds,
seed-seller-iconWomen (Seller)These are seeds of a beautiful flowering creeper plant. If you want to plant it near a wall it will take the support of the wall and grow. Take this, your garden will become even more beautiful!
The girl bought the seeds and merrily came home. She planted them at the base of a stone wall at the back of her yard. That stone wall is shared with her neighbor Peter. Her neighbor couldn’t walk but they would often talk to each other from behind that wall
diana-iconDianaI have planted seeds of a lovely new plant
old-iconPeter (Neighbour)Oh! That’s nice I wish I could someday come and see your beautiful garden. But alas! I cannot move. My own garden has become a dry patch of land as I cannot take care of it
Many months passed and the girl tended to her new creeper plant every day. And with each day, the plant became bigger and bigger. But it didn’t flower! Not a single flower grew on it. Frustrated by the only plant that did not give her flowers so she decided to cut it down. She brought her Axe and was about to chop the creeper down. Just then her neighbor called out.
old-iconPeter (Neighbour)Is that you? I have been meaning to talk to you for many weeks! Thank you so much for the lovely flowers.
old-iconPeter (Neighbour)Yes! They are beautiful. I feel so happy every time I see them,
The girl rushed to the neighbor’s house. She saw that the creeper from her garden had pushed through the cracks and holes in her wall and was growing on her neighbor’s side of the wall and it was full of the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen in her life!

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